Home Groups

Usually each home group will have up to 10 people and meet regularly in someone’s home.

Each home group is made up of different people and can look differently, but the aim is to help us be disciples who make disciples. To help each other to grow in the Lord, to support and share with each other in our everyday lives.

Typically a group will start at 7.30pm (also a day-time group) and meet on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday. It will usually start with a Bible Study that will focus on applying God’s word to our lives. This will last about 30 minutes and naturally leads in to a prayer time.

There’s always a good time over coffee and biscuits, with a chance to catch up with one another.

Sometimes the programme will include socials, times of sharing a meal or a joint venture together. This helps each group to get to know each other better during the week.